Championing Urmston for The Local Community

The Who's Who of the Urmston Partnership Committee

Every May we have our AGM, it’s not just about the money in the bank. It’s where you can have the chance to vote for any new officers who stand. You could even choose to stand yourself!

If you are interested in standing for an officer position, then please get in touch with one of the management team.

Nominations need to be in before the next AGM.

Claire Foster

Hon. Co-Chair

From The Steamhouse, Harry's Temperance Bar and Santorini Restaurant

Sarah Steinhoefel

Hon. Co-Chair

From The Smart Bear Websites and Hoff IT

John Kelly

Hon. Vice Chair

From Impact Tuition

David Mackereth

Hon. Secretary

From Trafford Events Ltd

Eric May

Hon. Treasurer

From Urmston Lions

Ian McCavery

Communities Officer

From Trafford Council

Catherine Mackey

From Travel Counsellors

Bob Thomas-Carter

From Thomas-Carter Opticians

Karen Garrattley

From COS Bookkeeping

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